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Everything You Need To Know

Join us here at EAST SAC FITNESS. Whether you want unlimited access to all our classes and amenities or just want to stop by every other day for a quick cardio session, we offer customizable membership packages, so you can design one that’s best for your lifestyle. Make the commitment to your health and contact any of our membership advisors to schedule your visit.


Woman Lifting Weights

$89 Single, $139 Couple $169 Family

Designed for the member who doesn't take classes.  If you decide take classes, you can upgrade any time or pay a $20 drop-in-fee without upgrading.  Perfect for the person who may only take a class once in a while or not at all yet wants access to an amazing fitness center right in the comfort of their own neighborhood.


Gym Class

$159 Single $298 Couple

Over 50 Classes a Week!

This is our most popular membership! It allows members unlimited access to the GYM as well as our classes!  With over 7-10 classes per day.

  • Functional Fitness

  • Yoga (Power Vinyasa - Yin - Specialty Class)

  • Cycling

  • Wellness Room for Recovery



$159 Single, $298 Couple

LeneFit is a program that is designed for the member who wants unlimited access to ALL Functional Fitness Classes and Open Gym Access! You are also able to receive customized programming an nutrition with this program.  With Access to classes 7 days per week, you will have all the access you need to succeed.  


Lifting Weights


Hybrid is designed for the client who wishes to customize their routine without meeting and paying for complete personal training.  Full access to “unlimited membership” ($159 value) with customized programming to fit your lifestyle and goals.  HYBRID is designed to give you maximum accountability without paying $75 per hour for private training.  

You must attend a foundations assessment to sign up for HYBRID!  By the end of our foundations, you will know how to best to reach your goals.

     Choose between:

  • Growth and Strength 

  • Power and Endurance 

  • Toning and Maintenance 

Your custom program along with the coaches will take the guess work out of what you should be doing!

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