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Workout #5 Template Lower Body & Core Strengthening Complex

Make sure you discuss your sets, reps and order of exercises based off this template with your CAC! Any modifications and or changes need to be strategic and have a purpose! This way you will maximize your results and learn better how to train yourself! The goal here is to use this as a motivator, not a crutch! YOU GOT THIS! Let's GO!

Workout #5 Template


2 Rounds of:

5 English Burpee

10 Plank Knee to Elbow

10 Superman

3 Scorpion Stretch

10 Hollow Rock

3 Iron Cross

10 Deep Lunge Crawl


Strength Template

Reminder: Your CAC should be confirming the customization of this template as far as REPS/SETS/MODIFICATIONS/ORDER OF EXERCISES!

Circuit #1 D/B Front Squat or Leg Press or Weighted Wall Sit

Weighted Curtsy Lunge or Trx Curtsy Lunge

Goblet Hip Circle Complex Circuit #2 Free Motion Squat Press Matrix Hip Thruster or Weighted Hip Thruster Row 250m


Mobility Cooldown 5 Each PVC Sampson Lunge Down Dog to 1/2 Pigeon Hip Wall Quad Stretch Banded Hamstring

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