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Workout #4 Template Bicep & Tricep w/ Core

Focus on being organized on each and every lift


Using light weight with proper control! Remember. It’s a warm-up, not a targeted breakdown of tissue!

2 Rounds of:

10 K/B Sumo Dead Lift High Pull

10 2 Hand 1 KB Clean & Press

10 Goblet Reverse Lunge

10 Push-up 2 Down Dog Alt Toe Touch

10 Goblet Box Step-Up


Mobility Complex

Introducing CAR’s (Circulating articulating rotations)

1 Round Of:

Scap & Shoulder CAR’s 2-3x each

Iron Cross w/ Paint the Floor 2-3x each

Down Dog Flow Complex 2-3 Breaths/hold

Sun Salutation 2 Down Dog

Three Leg Down Dog 2 Hip Opener Warrior 1 then Warrior 2

Dragon Fly 2 Down Dog

Repeat Other Side


Strength Exercises

As always, meet and confirm with your CAC as to which program you’re following as it will dictate your rep scheme, sequence & any additional moves!

Double Bicep Curl or Preacher Curl

Standing Cable Curl or D/B Hammer Curl

Gun Walks

Tricep Rope Pulldown or Lying D/B Ext

Body Weight Bench Dips or Dip Chin Assist Tricep Push-Down


Optional Caloric Blast for maximal EPOC (energy post exercise consumption)

5 x 30 Seconds on 30 seconds off

Air Dyne wind sprints

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