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Workout #3 Shoulders & Upper back with Core

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Shoulders & Upper Back with Core Accessory Work

We will be focusing on posture and looking closely at mobility and strength ability with some of these more complex movement standard. Although some of these moves may appear simple, you and your CAC will determine minor details such as keeping posture and spinal alignment while moving through shoulder and upper back strength moves. Again, these programs will evolve and build upon one another. Stay in order even if you have skipped a few days. Don’t go back to W1. There is a specific reason to flow through these body parts and in this order! It will help your body optimize its strength and allow for proper recovery between days!

Everyones Warm-Up

2 Rounds of:

Ski 200m

10 PVC Wall Therapy

10 Sampson w/ PVC Passthrough

PVC Iron Cross Hold

PVC Scorpion Hold

PVC Superman + Behind the head

PVC Hollow Rock



Barbell Strict Press or D/B Arnold Press or Free Motion Neutral Grip Press

D/B Side Raise or Lift Machine Side Raise

Strict Sumo Deadlift High Pull

Alternating or Double D/B Front Raise


Core & More

Strict Alternating Bicycle Ab w/ Medball

Deadbug w/ med ball & band pull

On Turf Purple disc Pike On D/B for stability

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