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Day 2 Lower Body and Accessory work Template

Emphasis on Lower Body and Accessory Work

We will be focusing on controlled movements here and finding our baseline for the future workouts. As these workouts continue to evolve, your CAC will take you in the direction you need to go to maximize your goals and improve your wellness! Everyone's Warm-Up 2 Rounds of:

Row 200m 10 Wall Therapy

10 Alternating March in Place w/ Single KB (5 Each Side)

10 Goblet Squat

10 Alternating Sampson Lunge

-------------------------------------------------------- Mobility Complex PVC Complex

Hip Wall Quad Stretch

Squat 2 Hamstring

Cossack Squat --------------------------------------------------------- Back Squat or Leg Press or Goblet Squat Leg Extension Suit Case Dead Lift or Straight Leg Deadlift Weighted Box Step-Up or Weighted Lunge Step Air-Dyne You will combine the colors or if left BLACK, you may choose either option with any color. Example: Back Squat - Leg Extension - Straight Leg Deadlift -Weighted Lunge - Air Dyne Depending on your goals, you will be choosing a specific rest period and circuit order based on Growth and Strength / Power and Endurance / Toning and Maintenance

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