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Day 1 Chest Back & Core

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Chest / Back and Core

The base template for this group of muscles will be followed over the next 3 months. Your CAC will help modify and customize this routine to best optimize your training program. Select which "Category" you are in above to get a better grasp of the direction of your specific program! The goal here is to teach you how to decipher and alter any template to make your own workouts. With this new generation of On-line Programs, tic Tok & instagram short videos it is becoming apparent people need proper guidance when they attempt to copy the latest trend! You should be able to look at a social media workout or routine and KNOW with complete certainty if it is a good routine for you! Click below to expand this quarterly updated program. Then click above on your category to see how it deviates between the Growth and Strength / Power and Endurance or the Toning and Maintenance style of training. Between these versions and your CAC, you will be able to to grasp how this template can be completely tweaked for maximum success.

Base Warm-Up For Everyone Check with your CAC (Concierge Accountability Coach) as to which version you are to follow!

  • 5 Min Treadmill (Walk/Jog) (EMOM go up 1% of Incline)

  • Dynamic Mobility 1 Round of Each Movement or Static Hold 10 Leg Swings F/B (Forward and Back) 2 Sun Salutation + Inch 2 Cobra 5 Each Reverse Lunge Sampson Hold 5 Each Deep Lunge + Rotation 10 PVC Passthrough

  • Strength for Chest-Back & Core will involve these moves! Bench Press or Life Fitness Chest Press D/B Incline Fly or Freemotion Chest Fly Push-Ups Bent Over Row or Freemotion Row Close Grip Pulldown or Close Grip Assisted Pull-Up D/B Reverse Fly or Banded Pull-Apart Plank Knee 2 Elbow (PK2E) V-Ups or Modified V-Ups Cooldown Mobility Complex

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